SNOW DAY in NYC! Here’s everything you need to know!

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SNOW DAY in NYC! Here’s everything you need to know!

What two words can make generate more excitement among school than “Ice Cream?” Yes, you guessed it, “SNOW DAY”!

Hot off of the heals of an unusually hot Wednesday, a snow alert was issued early on Thursday morning informing NYers that we can expect up to 12 inches expected to fall through the day. Joseph Esposito, OEM Commissioner, said this during a press conference yesterday:

“Folks please, don’t be fooled by the warm weather […] A winter storm warning is in effect from midnight tonight to 6 p.m. tomorrow night, so the storm is coming. We can expect between 6 and 12 inches.”

Officials weighed in to let all NYC’s school children some good news… like ALL of the officials:

The mayor:

The National weather service:

…and the public school system:

…I guess everyone wants to deliver good news. 

When the flakes started to fall they just kept on coming. NYC is experiencing blizzard-like conditions during this morning’s rush hour, and we have been advised to use public transportation if we need to travel to work… so good luck with that wet-dog smell on the subway. BUT we could also see MTA service changes depending on snow accumulation, so keep an eye out if you use city buses. 

2,300 pieces of equipment (plows and spreaders) are on call to clear the roads, and between 30,000 and 50,000 tons of salt are ready to be spread on our streets.

The city has also issued a Code Blue for our homeless stating that no one would be turned away from city shelters, loosening the normal intake procedures.

…and one from below. #timessquare #snowglobe #nyc #nycsnowstorm #nycsnowday #snowstorm

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#timessquare #snowglobe #nyc #nycsnowstorm #nycsnowday #snowstorm

A video posted by devadas labrecque (@ammasdevadas) on

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