Small House Shows that Pack a Big Laugh

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Small House Shows that Pack a Big Laugh

With so many events taking place in the city at any given time it’s hard to filter through and find something you’ll like. Theater events are particularly difficult to sift through, and many end up sticking to the Broadway shows they know. However, we’re here to help you break away from the norm (tourists as well) and check out some amazing shows taking place in smaller, more intimate theaters around the city.

What you can and can NOT say During Interracial Sex


This off-off Broadway show offers a side-splitting performance by married comedians Naimah Hassan and Steve Epstein. The hilarious interracial duo also goes by the more controversial title “the Black and the Jew”—hence the premise of this comedy.The couple touches on race,  sex, and spirituality—all while evoking the type of laughter that is truly good for the soul. If you want to laugh, aspire to a loving relationship or just want to reach sexual ecstasy, Epstein and Hassan will help you get there. Valerie Cardinale from the Ottawa News calls the show “crude, rude completely sexually and racially inappropriate , AWESOME, HILARIOUS  and very relaxed atmosphere.” Be sure to bring your sense of humor, and even a bottle if you’d like. If you forget, no worries. There’s a wine bar at the venue…More Info

Drunk Shakespeare

drunk shakespeare

Drunk Shakespeare is an uproarious event you won’t want to miss. An actor from “The Drunk Shakespeare Society” takes five shots of whiskey before getting up on stage to perform a piece from one of Shakespeare’s brilliant plays. As the drunken actor veers off track, there are four other society actors there to help them stay on course…More Info

Aliens Coming

Aliens Coming is a musical comedy that opened earlier this year about aliens attempting to take over the world and harvest the genitals of Earth’s humans. Fighting against them are two high school girls, Brandi and Clementine, after Brandi has been abducted by the aliens.

Heartless Bastard
  • Where: HERE
  • When: Thursday, August 17 — Saturday, September 2

A dark comedy of a broker who, in a effort to receive a heart transplant, has to deal with ridiculous doctors and nurses giving him a hard time. Once he’s completed the transplant he starts to show feelings of kindness, which is the complete opposite of who he was before. These new feelings set him off on a journey to discover who the heart had belonged to before it became part of him.

Puffs the Play
  • Where: New World Stages
  • When: Now — January 14

A hilarious parody of Harry Potter series, this amazing production is about a different boy that goes to a Wizard School—and he’s in the Puffs. The play follows the storyline of the underdogs and tells the narrative of how the Puffs (“a group of well-meaning, loyal rejects with a thing for badgers”) stay out of chaos as the school arounds them turns dark.  

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