You Need A Hotel Room Key To Access This Secret 11-Story High NYC Restaurant

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You Need A Hotel Room Key To Access This Secret 11-Story High NYC Restaurant

And it offers a Michelin-starred menu!

Coming from the same team behind Michelin-starred restaurant Ai Fiori, Sky Terrace is the Langham Hotel’s best-kept secret. This urban paradise used to be part of the 11th floor guest rooms, but have since been transformed into an enchanting dining experience in lieu of hotel rooms.

The Langham, New York

Upon entry, guests must go in via room 1101 at the hotel. Once they walk through to the terrace, diners will take in expansive views overlooking Fifth Avenue and the Empire State Building from a unique perspective unseen by many.

Thanks to Chef Lauren DeSteno, the menu offers delectable dishes like Lasagna di Carciofi with artichoke & spinach lasagna, bechamel, ricotta, pecorino, and Bistecca di Lombatello—which is fancy Italian for hanger steak, compound butter, orzo & summer vegetable salad.

The Langham, New York

To refresh your palette, sip on signature cocktails like the Rose Gold with 20 strawberry shrub, combier pamplemousse, cynar, prosecco, or the La Bandiera made with 20 sauza blanco tequila, watermelon, & lime basil.

The Langham, New York

And don’t even think they forgot about dessert—come on, this is top-notch dining! For a sweet end to your meal, finish with Semifreddo popsicles (similar to a frozen mousse) with roasted pineapple, rosemary, & honey sabayon from the talented Pastry Chef, Rachel Pancho, or choose from an assortment of creamy and rich Gelato.

The Langham, New York

And for an even sweeter end to the night, guests can actually book an overnight stay to the restaurant menu. Those who choose to book a room will be granted a key, along with a Langham overnight kit including all the luxurious hotel stay needs such as a sleep mask and much more!

Sky Terrace is offering an intriguing dining experience that you’ll definitely want to check out while the weather’s still warm! See here to book a reservation.

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