Shark Spotted In Shallow Waters Off Rockaway Beach

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Shark Spotted In Shallow Waters Off Rockaway Beach

Beaches may officially be open for swimming this summer, but New Yorkers aren’t the only ones hitting the coastline.

On Monday afternoon, June 29, a thresher shark was spotted swimming in shallow water at Rockaway Beach. According to the NYC Parks Department, the shark was injured on a jetty at Beach 86 before washing up on the shore at Beach 102. Although alive when it first reached land, the thresher shark later died and was removed from the beach as onlookers gathered to film the incident.

According to the NYPost, one local said it was the first time they’d seen a shark at the beach in nearly a decade.

While the shark may have died and been removed, we certainly won’t be rushing to take a dip this weekend!

That said, as of July 1 beaches are open in New York. Here are all the rules you need to know if you plan on heading out.

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