Shake Shack Now Delivers A Delicious DIY ‘Shackburger’ Kit Right To Your Apartment

Malia Wooten Malia Wooten

Shake Shack Now Delivers A Delicious DIY ‘Shackburger’ Kit Right To Your Apartment

Homemade dinner options just got 10x better.

If you’re growing tired of quickly thrown together quarantine meals or can’t be bothered to settle for another bowl of cereal, your stomach’s prayers have officially been answered. Shake Shack has partnered up with a food delivery service so that you can have a DIY burger kit shipped right to your front door!

Most of us are running out of recipes at this point and settling for anything that’s edible. Thanks to Goldbelly.com, people can have food from their favorite restaurants throughout the nation sent to their homes — which comes particularly handy now that dining out isn’t much of an option.

For the first time ever, our favorite spot in Madison Square Park is offering a mouth-watering meal kit so that you can concoct the perfect burger AND wear pajamas under the same roof! Make your very own ShackBurger with their custom blend of fresh, 100% Angus beef from Pat LaFrieda cradled by a toasted Martin’s Potato Roll and topped with classic melted American cheese and their top-secret ShackSauce! All you’ll need to do is buy your own lettuce and tomatoes.

The DIY Shake Shack kits include ingredients for eight cheeseburgers and sell for about $49, which average out to the same price it would cost you ordering-in. Sure you can just order a premade patty with a side of cheese fries from Postmates, but why not keep yourself busy with all the extra time on your hands, anyway?

Buy a Shake Shack burger kit, here!

Featured photo: @thesocialnoms via @shakeshack

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