Take A Virtual Trip To London With These Incredible Themed ‘Walking’ Tours

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Take A Virtual Trip To London With These Incredible Themed ‘Walking’ Tours

Although you can’t get on a plane to travel to other countries right now, there’s plenty of exploring you can do right from home.

See Your City is helping people from all over the world take a quick trip to beautiful London, thanks to their amazing virtual walking tours of the city. The company, which runs these tours in person during “normal” life, has now taken some of their best-loved tours online. And you can do them all without leaving your bed!

See Your City

In fact, the comfort of your bed is probably the safest place to be on See Your City’s Jack The Ripper walking tour. Join the trail of London’s most notorious serial killer, and explore the crime scenes of Whitechapel under the supervision of a dedicated Ripperologist. You’ll be able to investigate the alleged perpetrators, learn more about the Ripper’s victims, and produce your own theory of who the Ripper was. It’s chilling and thrilling in equal measure, so grab your tickets here.

Alternatively, you can try something altogether more spellbinding, by joining a virtual walking tour of London’s magical film locations. You’ll know them all from the big screen, and let’s just say they’ve enchanted millions of viewers in their time…Plus, you’ll be invited to take part in games and trivia challenges about the wizarding world, which makes it a must-try for budding witches and wizards – you can find your tickets here.

See Your City

Of course, since the tours are taking place entirely online, there’s no limit to where you can go! If you want a break from London, then try an equally magical tour, this time exploring the famous film locations of Edinburgh, Scotland. The beautiful city is well worth exploring, so find your tickets here.

See Your City will be adding more virtual walking tours in due course, so keep your eyes peeled for more amazing offerings!

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