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This Secret Spa Based in Brooklyn is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Experienced

By Bianca Bahamondes

This Secret Spa Based in Brooklyn is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Experienced

“Whisperlodge, an ASMR spa for the senses.”

An immersive sensory experience, Whisperlodge travels around the world bringing a unique and intimate spa experience with them. By using everyday objects, “ trained guides work one-on-one with each guest in a series of visual, auditory, and haptic treatments designed to relax the body and mind.”

The phenomenon of those pleasurable feelings is known as ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). It was originally something only seen on Youtube, but Whisperlodge has brought it to the masses in real life.

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Although currently not performing in New York, the worldly team is originally based out of Brooklyn. Now, the guides travel the world bringing this journey of the senses to various countries. For those curious, here’s a look at what it’s like to visit Whisperlodge:

The experience runs about 90-minutes and involves having your hair and face touched, eyes blindfolded. Although they recently had a run in NYC in October, you can keep tabs on when they’ll be returning home to through their Instagram feed. When they are here, however, their exact location is kept under wraps until you’ve made an appointment.

Featured image source: Facebook / Whisperlodge