We Challenge You To Recreate An NYC Landmark Out Of Items In Your Home

Georgie Hoole Georgie Hoole

We Challenge You To Recreate An NYC Landmark Out Of Items In Your Home

Introducing QuaranTASKS! Our attempt to spread a little joy in these *don’t say it, don’t say it* unprecedented times.

Due to a certain global pandemic that I’m sure you’ve heard about, we’re all stuck inside for the foreseeable future. And, if you’re anything like us, you’re probably looking for something to do — besides yet another game of UNO, joining your three hundredth Zoom quiz, or pouring yourself another glass of wine. All perfectly reasonable options, of course — but in case you’re looking to mix things up a bit, we thought we’d set you a bit of homework each week. Because don’t you miss the days of homework, eh? EH?!

To try and add a bit of joy and laughter to your lockdown days, we’re launching a series of silly weekly missions, which hereby goes by the incredibly-unimaginative-though-perfectly-fine name: QuaranTASKS. QuaranTASKS will consist of a wonderfully absurd task set by Secret NYC once a week; something that you can easily complete from home.

For the inaugural QuaranTASK, we’re asking you to recreate a New York City landmark out of things you can find in your home.

We’ll be giving no further guidance or rules — you are free to interpret this in any way you like. But if we see any evidence of the outside world (unless you’re one of those lucky New Yorkers with outdoor space, of course) then you will be disqualified. #StayHome and have some fun.

Oh actually, there is one rule. Please do a better job than us…
QuaranTASKS is suitable for anyone and everyone who is stuck indoors. That’s couples, families, individuals, dogs, cats, canaries… So, to get involved, send us videos, photos and/or timelapse footage of you making your creations to hello@secretnyc.co with the subject line ‘QuaranTASKS’, or tag us on Instagram (@secret_nyc) with the hashtag #QuaranTASKS. We’ll be choosing our favorites next week and you’ve got until Monday, April 20 to submit your entries. Go go go!
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