First Seahorse Of The Year Just Found In The Hudson River

Justine Golata Justine Golata

First Seahorse Of The Year Just Found In The Hudson River

And just like the dolphins found in the East River earlier this year, it’s a great sign of a healthy river and the spring season!

Earlier this month the Hudson River Park staff spotted the first lined seahorse in 2021!

The seahorse was collected for the River Project’s ongoing fish ecology survey. But don’t worry, the little guy was soon returned to the river!

Hudson River Park

The spotting signifies springtime as the warm weather continues to bring up the river’s temperature and more food becomes available to the wildlife living in the water.

A lined seahorse can grow anywhere from 3-6 inches in size and varies from brown and grey in color.

Hudson River Park

The Estuarine Sanctuary at Hudson River Park is home to over 70 different species of fish. More lined seahorse sightings are expected to occur as they are a seasonal visitor at the Hudson River Estuary.

Learn more about the River Project here.

featured image source: Hudson River Park 

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