Satirical Board Game Dedicated To Coping With The L-Train Closure Gets Ingenious New Twist

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

Satirical Board Game Dedicated To Coping With The L-Train Closure Gets Ingenious New Twist
Just because Cuomo said the L-train won’t fully be shutting down, doesn’t mean we’re in the clear. Regardless of what ends up happening with the L-train, this new board game will make the harsh reality a bit more bearable by creating something enjoyable out of a distressing situation. 


Created by artists Gil Arevalo and Hunter Fine, the board game is suitably called “Escape From HelL,” and each player must make their way from Bushwick to Manhattan by rolling the dice. Your commute options? The bus, a bike, the ferry, or alternate train service. Oh, and in true Brooklyn fashion, each character is a hipster. 


The game is intended to make the chaotic situation humorous by having a satirical spin to the shut down. Although news recently broke announcing the L train will likely no longer close for 15 months, it will face closures for repairs during nights and weekends during this time. In other words, commuting into the city will still problematic. To incorporate the sudden twist into the game, the creators developed new “draw cards” for the deck that include moves like:

  • “Cuomo changed his mind again and the shutdown starts two minutes ago. Move back 3 spaces.” 
  • “It’s 9pm and the next L train arrives in 12 hours. Go back to the start.”


The project’s Kickstarter campaign has already tripled it’s goal of 2,500 and has 109 backers who want a board game delivered as soon as their ready for the masses, and many others who asked for two copies of it. “Escape From HelL” should be available for delivery by February. In the board game and in reality: the struggle is real.