Sail Above the Bronx Zoo on a 400-foot zip line over the River

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Sail Above the Bronx Zoo on a 400-foot zip line over the River

The Bronx Zoo is offering guests the opportunity to see Park like never before, from a fifty-foot high bird’s eye view as you fly across the Bronx River through the treetops.  

This weekend the Bronx Zoo launched two, side by side, 400 foot long, 50-foot high zip line that stretches over the Bronx River and the treetops of the park. This new year-round attraction gives an adrenaline filled way to check out the park from above for guests of 7 years and older.  The Treetop Adventure will feature both a zip line and an aerial climbing course. The climbing course will feature seven ropes courses of varying skill levels, while the zip line will run more than 400 feet across the Bronx River and back—and that’s 50 feet above the water. Yikes!

The zip line is part of the zoo’s new The Treetop Adventure and Nature Trek, and also features an amazing aerial climbing course with seven ropes courses of varying skill levels. Yeah, the climbing course isn’t just for kids, one expert-level one (for extreme sports enthusiasts only) has highly skilled challenges throughout and a giant jump at the end.

Finally, there is a new the Nature Trek is geared toward children. This “total experience” exhibit gives children the chance to climb and crawl to new heights and get a fresh perspective on nature.

The ropes course and zip line each require separate tickets and the Nature Trek it is included with Total Experience ticket admission. This may not be the beloved Skyfari, but it IS pretty spectacular. Here are some shots from the exhibits launch weekend:

Zipping our way through Friday at the @bronxzoo treetop adventure ?

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