NYC Now Has A Roller Disco Brunch Party Straight Out Of An 80s Dream

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

NYC Now Has A Roller Disco Brunch Party Straight Out Of An 80s Dream

Get ready to travel back in time and skate into the ’80s at this Roller Disco Brunch Party in New York City!

The Roller Disco Brunch Party will be popping up at different venues across the city (with the first few being at Brooklyn’s well-known Schimanski!) with an 80s-themed experience that’ll bring together the best of roller skating, retro disco, food and drinks. These epic skate parties are so much more than just your typical Sunday brunch where you sit around with friends eating and drinking. Here you’ll be able to also hit the dance floor on skates and have some old-school fun with plenty of of live entertainment, special performances by professional roller dancers, a DJ, and (of course) brunching.

Oh, and for those looking to go all out…dressing in the 80s-theme is encouraged (although not required). It’s truly unlike any brunch we’ve experienced thus far in NYC!

The Roller Disco Brunch Party began in January and takes place several Saturdays each month. Tickets to the experience include your two-hour admission to the party and a mimosa—brunch and further drinks are available for purchase. You can also rent out skates, but feel free to bring your own if you have!

The sessions run every two hours from 12pm to 6pm, and you can grab your tickets here to the upcoming parties.

Experience an epic day party with this fun mix of brunch and skating at the Roller Disco Brunch Party—grab your tickets here.

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