The Roller Coaster of Emotions Every New Yorker Experiences When Buying a Xmas Tree

Christine Megrejo Christine Megrejo

The Roller Coaster of Emotions Every New Yorker Experiences When Buying a Xmas Tree
Buying a Christmas tree is, for most, an exciting experience. But if you live in New York City, it can be an adventure at best and a crazy ordeal at worst that you turn into a story the next time you get drinks with friends. Here are the experiences every New Yorker has when trying to grab that glorious tree:
You Dream About a 7-Footer

daydreaming (1)

Sure, you live in a shoebox of an apartment, but you need to have that giant tree you had every year growing up! And it’s gotta fit, right? But once you break out the measuring tape you realize you might have to compromise.

You Have No Idea What a Tree Should Cost


Home Depot is pretty cheap, but is it too cheap? Will your tree die within a week? What about those guys who mysteriously appear on street corners? Who are they, Christmas elves? And why is that tiny 2 footer so expensive?

You Consider the Fake Tree Route

faketree (1)

OK, so it’s not REAL. But that doesn’t mean your Christmas isn’t real, right? I mean, just pack it in the box at the end of the holiday to save for later! You have plenty of storage space… oh wait, no. Nevermind. Stick to a live tree you can toss.

You Question If It’s Worth It


Christmas is such an overdone Hallmark holiday. Who cares about decorations? Psssh, not you. You aren’t going to be a part of this commercial hooplah….

You Give In

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Forget it, you want one. You’ll pay anything! You’ll buy the little guy that just sits on the kitchen counter that can only hold 3 ornaments! Whatever it takes, YOU NEED THAT TREE.

You Have No Idea What to Do With It After


So now your tree is dead or dying, it’s January, and you’ve got to find some way to get it back out the door. What the heck do you do with this thing? Leave it on the sidewalk sadly with all the other dead trees? Whatever, you just want to have your space in your living room back. You probably won’t get one next year. Right?

Featured image source: Photo Modified: Flickr / Phil Roeder/ CC by 2.0

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