Extravagant NYC Holiday Decor Destination Rolf’s Will Not Open This Year

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

Extravagant NYC Holiday Decor Destination Rolf’s Will Not Open This Year

Alas, another classic holiday activity in NYC will not go on this year.

Rolf’s German Restaurant has been a staple in Gramercy for over 50 years, serving Alsatian cuisine, the region in France with heavy German influence. But it became an Instagram favorite because of its extravagant floor-to-ceiling Christmas ornaments, twinkle lights and ribbon adorning the space each year, going up in the fall and continuing through the spring.

People would often line up around the block to get a chance to bask in all the restaurant’s holiday glory. But unfortunately, not this year.

Though it doesn’t appear to have opened again since the pandemic began in March, a message was posted on their website that read:

Rolf’s will reopen in the New Year 2021 when a vaccine becomes available and all the restrictions associated with COVID-19 cease to exist so we come back to normal.

Though indoor dining in NYC may close again soon anyway, it will definitely be a bummer for any New Yorkers who wanted to get in the holiday spirit by being surrounded by the most over-the-top Christmas decor (and of course, taking photos of it).

featured image source: RolfsNYC.com

Still, here are some the other displays still going on that will help get you in the holiday spirit!

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