Journey Through The Rockies Under A Glass-Dome On This Luxurious Train Route

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Journey Through The Rockies Under A Glass-Dome On This Luxurious Train Route

For daylight travel that won’t have you missing a single sight!

The Rocky Mountaineer is creating the ultimate travel experience for all those in search of a little wanderlust.

With four different rail routes, passengers can take scenic trips between British Columbia, Alberta, Colorado, and Utah.

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This luxurious rail-tour is uniquely special thanks to their glass-dome coaches that provide unmatched panoramic views. Guests will be able to watch the beauty of nature all around them at every moment throughout their travels.

Beyond the breathtaking sights, passengers will feast on regionally-inspired cuisine featuring local flavors and ingredients, all met with top-notch hospitality.

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Some additional onboard amenities include:

  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Coffee, tea, drinks, and snacks
  • Comfortable & spacious seating
  • Large glass-dome windows
  • Photo-ops
  • Hosts telling stories and history along the ride

And unlike many other long distance trains, Rocky Mountaineer has no sleeper cars! Guests will explore the lands by day and rest at hotels by night at each midpoint destination, whether it be in Kamloops, Quesnel, Whistler or gorgeous Glenwood Springs.

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Passengers can choose between two levels of service: Silver Leaf, or Gold Leaf. Though both boast “endless views [&] exceptional service,” they vary slightly in their offerings.

Silver Leaf features a single-level dome coach whereas Gold Leaf delivers a bi-level dome to sit above and dine below. Additionally, Silver Leaf has an outdoor viewing area along with access to a newly-renovated lounge car, while Gold Leaf has a large and exclusive outdoor viewing platform.

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Whichever service you choose, you’re sure to have the trip of a lifetime. Learn more at their website here.

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