You Can Now Buy Your Own ‘Rockefeller The Owl’ Merch

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You Can Now Buy Your Own ‘Rockefeller The Owl’ Merch

Remember that little bird found in the Rockefeller Tree? Now you can remember her forever with mugs, sweatshirts, and tree ornaments!

After workers discovered this adorable Saw-whet owl (the smallest owls in the northeast) in the Rockefeller Tree, the staff at Ravensbeard Wildlife Center worked hard to nurse the little gal back to health! As of November 24th, New York City’s new favorite friend got a “clean bill of health” from the vet and was released back into the wild.

Ravensbeard Wildlife Center is a nonprofit rehabilitation center for wildlife in Saugerties, NY, specializing in birds of prey. After they received the call that the owl, now named “Rockefeller” or “Rocky” for short, was found in the iconic tree, New Yorkers couldn’t get enough updates on the tiny fella. While in their care, Rocky feasted on mice and fluids to make up for her three day journey from Oneonta, where the Rockefeller tree came from, to New York City.

After stealing the hearts of New Yorkers and following the many requests, Ravensbeard Wildlife Center has released Rockefeller the owl merchandise! Shoppers can check out their website and purchase mugs, ornaments, masks, stickers, sweatshirts, tote bags, etc., perfect for the holidays! All profits will go to supporting their work helping creatures in need.

The gift shop launched December 1st, just in time for Giving Tuesday, an annual holiday meant to better the world. Every dollar spent at the gift shop goes directly towards helping more birds like Rocky get rescued, rehabilitated, and released.

Items are priced anywhere from $4-$45.

Show your support for Rocky and all of her fellow birds by checking out his merchandise here!

featured image source: ravensbeard.org

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