Getting To Rockaway Beach This Summer Has Just Gotten A Whole Lot Easier


Getting To Rockaway Beach This Summer Has Just Gotten A Whole Lot Easier
Happy June everyone! As we get further into this month, we can start expecting the inevitable hot summer days and nights NYC is known for. This of course means plenty of weekends at Rockaway Beach!

Locals know that transport to Rockaway Beach isn’t always easy peasy for everyone, the trip itself can sometimes be upwards of an hour with several stops in between. Although affordable options already exist like taking the subway or ferry, Rockaway Brewing Company has just launched their very own shuttle service that’s too tempting to pass up!

The Rockaway Brewing Company started off from humble beginnings in their Far Rockaway backyards, initially as a way to enjoy a cold one after a long day of surfing. In 2016 they were finally able to take production up a notch and moved their brewery to Long Island City, with craft beer available all over the city in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. Their latest venture has been the introduction of the Brew Cruiser, a non-stop shuttle bus service that can take up to 28 passengers to Rockaway for a $20 round trip.

What’s so different about this service you might ask? Well, not only will you be able to purchase RBC beers on board, but there’s plenty of room to store all of the beach essentials like fold out chairs, umbrellas, surf boards, etc. The shuttle will run every Saturday until Labor Day Weekend with the drop off site being at 73rd Street and Beach Front Street. This will be particularly convenient for those living in LIC, Astoria, Greenpoint and Midtown East. For info on departure/pick up times and ticket purchases, head to their website.

featured image: rockawaybrewco.com/

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