Check Out Yoko Ono’s Work Around NYC For The River To River Festival


Check Out Yoko Ono’s Work Around NYC For The River To River Festival
The 18th annual River to River Festival just wrapped up the first week, with the second continuing until June 29th. In collaboration with LMCC, the festival is held in Downtown NYC and is completely free!

The goal of the festival is to transform the city’s landscape into a thriving zone filled with live art installations, open for the whole public to enjoy. June has been an absolutely fantastic month in regards to the artistic and colorful vibes emulating in every borough. Various art pieces/performances have been taking place in areas such as Rockefeller Park, Battery Park City, Pier 35, the Seaport District, Federal Hall and more. Two of the absolute must-see pieces are both by Yoko Ono and hold very powerful meaning in today’s society…

The Reflection Project: Includes five text works located in seemingly plain spaces, in an aim to get those who pass by it to personally reflect on what’s written. In a city that’s so fast paced and increasingly over-crowded, sometimes we can all be guilty of getting lost in the madness. If you find one of the texts, let your mind think about it for a little while. Multiple locations across downtown Manhattan, on till June 29th. 


Refugee Boat: An interactive installation that started out with a boat in an empty white space. Since the opening on June 18th, the space has filled up with random thoughts, ideas and hopes on the walls, floor and boat from the public. As the days pass by, the space continues to be filled with more writing layered on top of each other, ultimately resulting in a form of visual chaos. Hence, Refugee Boat occupies a space with memories of the past, present, and continues to take on new meanings with each added message. 203 Front Street, Seaport District. On till June 29th. 



Check out the full schedule here.

featured image: instagram.com/henchling

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