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Riding Solo? Here Are 10 Awesome Things To Do Alone This Weekend

By Katherine Ripley

Riding Solo? Here Are 10 Awesome Things To Do Alone This Weekend

Just because you don’t have a date, doesn’t mean you have to stay in this weekend. Here are 10 fun things that you can do alone without looking awkward:


1. See A Comedy Show

[Tim Green]
[Tim Green]
The “Dating Is Hard In NYC” show seems particularly appropriate for singles—it’s a comedy show where four comedians compete to earn the affection of one lucky audience member. It’s a spin on a typical dating show, and even if you don’t get chosen as the lucky one, you’ll still have some good laughs.


2. Come To The Cabaret

guilty pleasures cabaret
[Guilty Pleasures Cabaret]
The Guilty Pleasures Cabaret falls into the category of “Things you might have to do alone because none of your friends want to go with you.” Their loss. This entirely woman-run show is where The Great Gatsby meets Mad Men and Beyonce.


3. See An Art Show

[Paul Saad/Flickr]
[Paul Saad/Flickr]
Art exhibits are great to see alone. Warhol By The Book this weekend features Andy Warhol’s work, but not his paintings. Andy Warhol was actually also somewhat of a publisher. This free exhibit is dedicated to Andy Warhol’s literary career.


4. Go To The Theater

off broadway cover

Going to the theater is a great solo activity. Over the next three weeks, the Sex! Short Play Festival is rotating five short plays that include titles like, “How To Succeed In Porn Without Taking Your Clothes Off,” and “Lesbians Happen.” The FRIGID festival is also featuring “Sprucehaven B,” put on by the award-winning Rising Sun Performance Company. Tickets for both are available on Fever.


5. Check Out A New Restaurant

[Bar Masa]
[Bar Masa]
There’s nothing wrong with going out to eat alone. Make this the weekend that you check off one of the items on our list of 20 things you need to eat before you die in NYC.


6. Go To An Open Mic Night


[Esparta Palma]
[Esparta Palma]
The Nuyorican Cafe has open mic nights every Monday. They’ve been providing a creative space for all types of artists to share their work for the past forty years. Whether you want to perform or just listen, it’s a welcoming and laid back atmosphere where you’ll feel comfortable going alone.


7. See A Concert

cheap concert cover photo

Subroso is featuring the Layla Angulo Quartet this Monday evening, and it’s definitely worth checking out. Layla is a powerhouse when it comes to Latin music. She writes her own songs, plays the saxophone, and sings.


8. Go To A Cool Movie Theater

Going to the movies by yourself is great, but you can mix it up by visiting an alternative movie theater that’s playing things that are far more cultured and interesting than Deadpool. NitehawkLandmark Sunshine CinemaZiegfeld Theater, and Village East Cinema are some great options.


9. Take A Class

home cooking

In this city, you can find a way to learn how to do pretty much anything, even things you never knew that you wanted to learn. Learn about gardening at the Botanical Garden, find a discount cooking class, or take a photography class. The possibilities are endless.


10. Go To A Hotel Bar

[Oasis Collections]
[Oasis Collections]
If you want to go out drinking, but don’t want to look awkward because you’re alone, going to a hotel bar is the perfect solution. Most people in hotel bars are alone because they’re traveling. A great option is the NoMad Library Bar, where you can read and drink at the same time.



Cover photo credit: Dan Alcalde/Flickr