‘Tiger King’ Star Rick Kirkham Is Dishing The Dirt In A Live Interview This Weekend

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‘Tiger King’ Star Rick Kirkham Is Dishing The Dirt In A Live Interview This Weekend

Fans will get to ask Rick anything about the Joe Exotic scandal.

As much of the globe continues to be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, those with a Netflix login have grown obsessed with the story of Joe Exotic, as told by new docuseries Tiger King. It’s wild, juicy and downright ridiculous, but there’s something keeping us clawed in – even after binge-watching the entire series.

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Now, Rick Kirkham, who features heavily in the shocking documentary, is set to spill the tea in a live stream, which is taking place this weekend on April 11.

Those who have watched the series will be very familiar with Kirkham, who was the producer of Joe Exotic TV for five years, before their relationship (literally) went up in smoke. The producer goes into quite some detail about how things played out while working for Joe, sharing some rather shocking secrets as the episodes go on and detailing how he was forced to move to Norway, where he still resides now, for his own safety.

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During the live stream, Kirkham will continue to tell his side of the story as Joe Exotic remains in prison, sharing never-seen-before footage of Joe and others who feature in the show, and even answering fans’ burning questions about what went down.

Speaking of the upcoming interview, Rick Kirkham said: “I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences that weren’t included in the doc,

“Joe’s emotional side, his desperate need for attention and fame and how it feels to live with wild animals as I did for a year, plus the truth about Travis. There are some things fans of the show might not be expecting. Joe was terrified of big cats, and he had plans to release all the animals on the park if someone tried to shut his zoo down. He wanted as many people to be injured as possible if they tried to take his zoo away.

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Continuing: “There’s so much more—Joe had an odd relationship and fascination with female porn stars. He acted as a doctor to those of us in the park, giving injections and medications (meant for animals) to us when we were sick. All that said, I lived with Joe and the animals for a year and anything and everything asked will be answered.”

The special event, hosted by journalist Per Sundnes, will kick off at 7pm and fans can submit their questions by posting a video on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #AskTigerRick ahead of the live stream.

Tune in to the live stream this Saturday here.

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