Blue Tesla Taxis Have Taken Over Manhattan Streets

Justine Golata Justine Golata

Blue Tesla Taxis Have Taken Over Manhattan Streets

Goodbye yellow cabs, and hello baby blue Teslas!

Popular moped rideshare service, Revel, has rolled out an entirely new taxi cab to Manhattan in the beginning of this month.

Despite facing earlier conflict with the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission in the spring, Revel had been given the stamp of approval to launch their new fleet of 50 blue, Tesla Model Y SUV taxis across Manhattan.

Pickups and drop offs will only be available in Manhattan below 42nd Street.

Differing from other rideshare apps and traditional taxis, these electrical cars are employee driven (trained by Revel’s local Driver Support team) and fully equipped with luxurious features like:

  • Extra leg room
  • Passenger controls
  • Charging outlets

The front passenger seats have actually been removed from each vehicle to increase the amount of space for riders, while a touchscreen in control of temperature and music have been fitted in the cars for passenger use.

For safety concerns, all drivers are masked and vaccinated.

In addition to the fleet, Revel plans to build 24/7 Superhub charging stations and has already opened their first one in Brooklyn—currently the largest universal EV fast charging hub in North America, shared their website.

These charging stations won’t be limited to the Revel Tesla taxis but open to any electronically operating vehicle. The Superhubs charge so fast that an EV vehicle can get up to 100 miles after charging for only 20 minutes!

Learn more about these futuristic rides here.

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