Restaurant Dedicated to Avocados Opens in Manhattan

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Restaurant Dedicated to Avocados Opens in Manhattan

Brooklyn may have Avocaderia, but Manhattan now has it’s own avocado restaurant: Avocado Appetit.

Located in Chinatown between Broome Street and Grand Street, Avocado Appetit is a health conscious new restaurant created by James Mac and Vincent Lin.

The recently opened space is decorated like a tropical paradise with plants, avocado wall paintings, and plenty of green accents.

On the menu you’ll find all sorts of avocado creations, from classic avo toast to the tasty avocado fries. If you’re looking for something quick and on-the-go the restaurant also offers coffee, matcha, lemonade, and smoothie options. If you love coffee and avocado we recommend trying the coffee avocado smoothie! It’s made with avocado, condensed milk, a shot of Toby’s Estate espresso, and chocolate syrup.

Open from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m. every day, Avocado Appetit will soon feature even more menu items to choose from.

Featured image source: Yelp /Amber C.

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