Report Shows Where To Catch New York’s Most Dramatic Autumn Colors

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Report Shows Where To Catch New York’s Most Dramatic Autumn Colors

Fall in New York is one of the most beautiful times of year and it’s easy to see why.

To keep New Yorkers updated on the vibrant leafy changes, the Empire State Development Division of Tourism’s “I Love New York” program releases a fall foliage report every week throughout the fall. Though the leaves are still mostly green around the city, that’s not true for everywhere, and we’re here to lift the veil on where you can catch some of that glorious fall foliage.


According to the report, the first signs of color began appearing in the Adirondacks and by this weekend the area will be at peak foliage! The same is true about the Catskills. As the report states, “Spectacular peak foliage will be arriving in the Adirondacks and Catskills this weekend, while other areas of the state are reaching near-peak and midpoint of change.”

The rest of the state seems to be following behind with most of the upstate area reaching 40% to 85% of color transition this weekend with a “bright and beautiful mix of red, orange, and yellow hues.” Long Island and NYC are bringing up the rear with 15% and 10% color change in the areas, respectively. In NYC, observers are currently reporting a potential 10% color change this weekend (with some bright yellow and orange leaves just beginning to appear) in Morris Park, The Bronx.

The report is updated every Wednesday afternoon throughout the fall foliage season. Have you noticed the changes? Keep an eye out around city parks with heavy tree density! As the month goes on there should be plenty more color changes across the five boroughs, too.

Looking to check out the foliage for yourself?

Why not try an upstate hike this weekend? Check out this list of beautiful trails you can get to by public transport, or rent a car and drive through one of these 5 best places to catch the gorgeous autumn leaves change color.

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