The Mayor Has Called For A ‘Rent Freeze’ In NYC For Rent-Stabilized Apartments

As well as an extension on the Eviction Moratorium

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

The Mayor Has Called For A ‘Rent Freeze’ In NYC For Rent-Stabilized Apartments

In his daily press conference this morning, April 13, Mayor de Blasio called on the Rent Guidelines Board to enact a rent freeze in NYC, for those with rent-stabilized apartments.

The Rent Guidelines Board is the group of people who determine the annual percent rent changes for those in rent-stabilized apartments. There are over 2 million New Yorkers who are rent stabilized, the Mayor said, and he has asked the board to enact a rent freeze for them as soon as possible.

“It’s something they [the Rent Guidelines Board] has the power to do,” he said. “It’s something they have done before in times where the facts merited it. I think this is a time where it’s 100% clear that people are hurting like never before, they deserve a rent freeze, and I want to see that happen quickly.”

He also asked the State to change laws and regulations to:

  • Allow renters to use their security deposits to pay rent if they don’t have the money
  • Extend the moratorium on evictions until 60 days after the crisis has ended (currently it is enacted through around June 20)
  • Allow tenants who have lost their job (with proof) to defer rent and pay it over a 12-month payment plan

The city has also set up a tenants’ rights hotline through 311 to help know where they can get renters’ relief and income. This includes explaining rights and rules, government relief possibilities, and connecting tenants with a lawyer if needed, and more.

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