Renew your Marriage Vows in Times Square on Valentine’s Day

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Renew your Marriage Vows in Times Square on Valentine’s Day
What better way to show your husband/wife your love this valentines day than to head to the crossroads of the world and renew your marriage vows? Love, vows and a beautiful downpour of confetti. Here are all the details.

Forget the hastily scribbled platitudes on a store-bought card, half-dead flowers, and dinner at an overcrowded restaurant. Times Square has something cooking for the TRUELY romantic married couples out there.

Every year, couples of all ages and backgrounds head over to Times Square to renew their vows as part of a group ceremony on the iconic glass red TKTS Steps. It has been an NYC tradition for years; whether it’s your first time, or something you and your partner do every year, time to get in on the action.

Celebrate your love and longevity on Wednesday, February 14 at 6 pm. As they say on the Times Square website:

A special invitation is extended to lovebirds whose kisses bridge boundaries, be they religious, political, racial, or national, as well as couples in wedding attire.

Once the ceremony is over, and the confetti hits the floor (yes! confetti!), take the opportunity to grab a photo at the Valentine’s Day-inspired ’Window to the Heart’ art installation.

The piece was this year’s Times Square Valentine Heart Design Competition winner.

Featured image source [timessquarenyc]

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