Relieve Stress By Smashing The F*** Out Of Stuff At This New NYC Venue

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Relieve Stress By Smashing The F*** Out Of Stuff At This New NYC Venue

The Wrecking Club: NYC’s newest project that helps you take out your unwanted aggression on something other than each other.

NYC is a great city, when it comes to gastronomy, culture, nightlife, we’re second to none… but on the flip side of that, there are slow walkers, subway stresses, high prices… yeah, NYC could make the pope fly into a fit of rage.

Rather than add to an ever growing pile of listicles highlighting all the things that piss us off, we though for a change we’d offer a solution. What better way to release the pressure built up over a day of NYC’s inevitable annoyances than to smash the F*** out of stuff. Thanks to The Wrecking Club that’s now possible.

At The Wrecking Club you can demolish whatever you want in the name of catharsis. Look no further than their slogan; “Where people come to smash stuff to pieces.” (Check out some of their carnage in the images/videos below.)

You’ll find The Wrecking Club in the Garment District, there you’ll being introduced to a room with pieces of furniture and everything from monitors and fax machines to dinnerware read for retribution. Not happy with the selection of things that have waiting for you to crush? Well, you can even take your own stuff to receive your own brand of justice you can even pick your own music.

For $40 per person you can spend twenty minutes in the demolition room, but a private session will run you a cool $70.

You’ll find The Wrecking Club at 344 38th St, Suite 508 and for more info click HERE.


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Brooklyn’s badass!

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