A Bacon Covered Doughnut In NYC? Yes, And You’re Going To Love It

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A Bacon Covered Doughnut In NYC? Yes, And You’re Going To Love It

The formula is simple. How to make any type of food better; just add bacon. If it already contains bacon? …add more. It’s as much a part of the natural order of things as gravity and the laws of thermal dynamics.

This one fact is not lost on the fine folks, and purveyors hand-crafted Doughnuts, The Doughnut Project.

This specialty treat was inspired by chef Ryan Bartlow’s bacon dish at Quality Eats, dubbed one of NYC’s best 100 Dishes by Time Out. The savory snack is a jalapeño and apple jelly filled doughnut with peanut butter glaze and Nueske bacon topping.

The Bacon covered treat was part of The Doughnut Project’s  “Restaurant Series,” that feature specialty doughnuts inspired by and in collaboration with some of NYC’s top chefs & restaurants.

Sadly you may have already missed the boat on this savory snack, but given the positive buzz on this doughnut, you can almost guarantee you’ll see it return. The Gramercy Tavern Doughnut is next in the series, a squash filled doughnut with a grilled green grape glaze with fried caper topping, and will be available from Friday, Jan. 27th – Sunday, Jan. 29th at the 10 Morton St. shop located in NYC’s West Village.

Featured image source [instagram | thedoughnutproject]

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