The “Raindrop Cake” NYC’s Weirdest Dessert Is Coming Back!

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The “Raindrop Cake” NYC’s Weirdest Dessert Is Coming Back!

Do you remember last summer when all your friends were harping on about eating a delicious dessert that looked like a jellyfish but tasted like heaven? Well, it’s back!

We’re not short on delicious desserts here in NYC, but last summer one the “Rainbow Cake” seemed to take the city by storm. Darren Wong’s dessert is based on a Japanese dish called mizu shingen mochi, and when he introduced it at Smorgasburg last year it quickly became the darling of the cities most popular food instagrammers.

This year Wang’s creation has undergone a makeover, namely a purple hue, before it takes over Smorgasburg on April 1. Don’t panic about the color either, it comes from ube (purple yam).

If there was ever a reason to get excited for Spring, it is the welcome return of the city’s most outrageous desserts, a title the Rainbow Cake definitely deserves.

Featured image source [raindropcake]

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