Take A Gorgeous Fall Foliage Ride In The Catskills On Historic Railroad Tracks

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Take A Gorgeous Fall Foliage Ride In The Catskills On Historic Railroad Tracks

Follow old railroad tracks through the beautiful Catskills region on these innovative “rail explorers.”

Though it’s only just starting to become visible, we’re ready to witness as much bright, fiery fall foliage as possible — and no where is better to view it than upstate New York.

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Rail Explorers USA lets visitors ride down decommissioned railroad tracks in some of the country’s most picturesque locations — including in the nearby Catskill Mountains.

Rail Explorers

The company uses unique pedal-powered rail vehicles, which actually date back to the 1850s when a similar creation was used by maintenance workers to travel along the tracks. These modern versions have four steel wheels, hydraulic disc brakes, and pedals for each seat. And though you do have to pedal to get down the tracks, this isn’t strenuous exercise.

Instead, the combination of steel wheels on steel rails makes for a smooth and easy ride. And of course, you don’t have to worry about traffic, watching the road in front of you, or even using your hands–  so you can easily take tons of photos and videos of the gorgeous scenery!

Rail Explorers

The vehicles can fit two passengers in their Tandem Explorer (at six feet long and weighing 350 pounds) or four in their Quad Explorer (at 10 feet long, and weighing over 750 lbs).

The Catskill location’s train tracks are right alongside the lovely Esopus Creek, following the historic Ulster & Delaware Railroad. The entire excursion takes about 2.5 hours and is eight miles long (be sure to bring a snack and drink for the ride!).

They even have a special “golden hour” tour so you can see the foliage glowing at the most beautiful time of day. Tours start at $90, depending on the group size and day. Find out all the details on their website here!

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Open 7 days a week
Starting at $90

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