Is There a Raccoon Problem On The L Train?


Is There a Raccoon Problem On The L Train?
There seems to be a recent uproar of raccoon sightings on the L Train and word is spreading like wildfire. We thought we’d investigate a little further to see what all the commotion is about.

After careful examination of the current information on the matter, and by careful we mean searching the phrase ‘raccoon on subway’ on twitter, the results show that a state senator raised new awareness on the issue during a MTA transportation meeting yesterday. Apparently the station in Canarise is a hot spot for the sneaky little creatures.

Senator Persaud urged that the MTA attempt to sort out the situation at hand before it escalates into a bigger problem, because even with some traps and relocation of the furry critters, they always seem to find there way back.

Below we’ve added a few tweets that give a rough outline of the series of events (aka raccoon sightings) that have unfolded over the course of a few years…enjoy.

Persaud was first alerted of the issue back in July…

And thankfully came to the rescue at the hearing on February 19th after concerned constituents reminded her of the problem.

The NYPOST jumped on the bandwagon and wrote a totally unexaggerated headline as always…

Even back in 2013, the East 105 street station was still thriving with raccoons…

Some people were brave enough to help out in dire moments…

They seem to be getting even smarter and sneakier now, because just last month one of the raccoons managed to activate a train’s brakes!

Will the L Train forever be home to the raccoons?

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