Prospect Park will soon be Decorated with 7,000 Pinwheels

Rob Grams Rob Grams

Prospect Park will soon be Decorated with 7,000 Pinwheels

The Rose Garden in Prospect Park will be decorated with 7,000 pinwheels this summer and it’s going to look beautiful!

Why a park full of pinwheels you ask? Because Brooklyn… flower’s are just so mainstream.

In July, the Prospect Park Alliance are moving forward with decorating their Rose Garden with an outdoor art exhibit of 7,000 pinwheels. You’ll be able to see them from July 7 to 17, but before they go ahead and plant the pinwheels in the ground, they need your help to decorate them.

The initiative is called the Connective Project. Each pinwheel will be made from photos and art submitted by the public, and you have until the 30th of June to have your submission considered.

This is one of many projects landing in Prospect Park this summer to celebrate its 150th anniversary. Though the pinwheels are only a temporary exhibit, permanent installations are in the works, as well as a remodel of the park starting in a few years time.

The Prospect Park Alliance is hosting a free community workshop on Saturday, June 10 to brainstorm ideas for the park’s future. Even if pinwheels and art aren’t your thing… there are always the infamous goats there! Enjoy.

Featured image source [connectiveproject]