An Eerie Biopic About Princess Diana Will Be Released This November

Trigger warning: ED, self harm

Marie-Angèle Zoungrana Marie-Angèle Zoungrana

An Eerie Biopic About Princess Diana Will Be Released This November

It’s a broken Lady Di that appears in Spencer’s trailer. The anxious performance of Kristen Stewart contrasts with the jolly choir rendition of Lou Reed’s “Just A Perfect Day,” setting a somber tone for this new film. 

As Diana is getting ready to spend Christmas with the royal family, her union with Prince Charles starts falling apart. She has to keep a brave face for the sake of the family and the country…but at what cost? 

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Director Pablo Larrain describes this film as a “fiction inspired by facts.” Written by Steven Knight, the script for the biopic highlights the intensity of Diana’s psychological burdens. We juggle between the princess’ inner demons and her immense love for her family—a constant battle between Lady Diana’s authentic self and who she has to be for the tabloids.  

Over the course of three days (Christmas Eve, Christmas, and the day after), we enter the psyche of the princess through frames depicting her dreams, nightmares and hallucinations. The talented cast portrays a narrative structure full of intensity, addressing Diana’s struggles, including her battle with bulimia and self-mutilation. 

Spencer’s depiction of Lady Di’s Christmas vacation with the royals feels heavy and creepy—something the storytellers clearly intended to show through the constrained location, spooky music, and surprising editor cuts.  

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Described as a “cinematic work of art” by First Showing, Spencer is set to shake the table and provide a new, raw, fresh perspective on the princess’ life. 

The biopic arrives in theaters on November 5. 

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