Prepare Yourself for Confusing Weather This Weekend

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

Prepare Yourself for Confusing Weather This Weekend

Only a week after an arctic chill and bomb cyclone, New York is being hit now with particularly warm weather.

Accuweather reports that there are “ice jams and flooding advisories in affect” for several areas including New York “due to rising temperatures and heavy rainfall.”

Today’s temperatures have lingered near 60 degrees, and tomorrow is expected to be in the 40’s. However, the warmth will quickly shift again with “an invasion of arctic air and wintry precipitation.” (Great.)

The report states that these conditions will make travel dangerous and slippery, and creates a risk of power outages. “Even where roads are wet and slushy, plunging temperatures will lead to a rapid freeze-up in many areas.”

There is also a likelihood it will snow again in New York on Tuesday. What a weather rollercoaster!

Featured image source: Photo by Frank Köhntopp on Unsplash

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