Popular Taiwanese Dessert Shop Finally Opens in East Village!

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Popular Taiwanese Dessert Shop Finally Opens in East Village!

The Taiwanese dessert shop we’ve all been waiting patiently for has finally opened on Cooper Square, and people are loving it (as we expected when we first reported on the chain).

Meet Fresh imports their sweet treats from Taiwan, where they have over 100 stores. The East Village shop opened on January 29 and were quickly welcomed to the neighborhood over the weekend with long lines for their delicious desserts.

Their menu offers over 100 dishes which are mostly variations of their bowls of taro balls, tofu pudding, and herb jellies that you can order with countless toppings. Some items you may find on the menu include:

Hot almond soup

Deluxe egg pudding

Silky tofu pudding with taro rice balls

Shaved ice varieties

Classic red bean soup with sesame rice balls

Herbal shaved ice, herbal jelly and taro balls drizzled with milk cream

And, of course, milk teas

The shop is located at 35 Cooper Square at East 6th Street.

Featured image source: Facebook / Meet Fresh USA

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