Pop-Up ‘Dumpster Pools’ Could Be Coming To NYC Streets This Summer

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Pop-Up ‘Dumpster Pools’ Could Be Coming To NYC Streets This Summer

NYC is opening up streets for dining and recreation again this summer, so why not add a few pools in?

NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer, who is also running for Mayor of New York City, just proposed a new plan for summer in the city which involves just that! [featured image: dumpster pool in NYC in 2010, credit Macro-sea]

His “Summer in the City” proposal would ensure beaches and pools open on time — which Mayor de Blaso actually did confirm today — adding pop-up pools into the “Open Streets” program, +POOLs in the waterways, and much more:

According to his proposal, “‘Pop-Up Pools’ are small, affordable swimming pools that can be dropped into vacant lots in any neighborhood, and ‘+ Pools’ are large floating pools that would sit in New York City waterways and filter water to create safe swimming environments.”

These pools are would welcome some splash-around fun for New Yorkers who aren’t able to make it to the beach or who might not have a large public pool in their neighborhood. They would be aimed at “neighborhoods disproportionately impacted by heat and lacking in green spaces.” If this sounds familiar, “dumpster pools” actually did pop up before — right on Fifth Ave in 2010!

The +POOLs would create an Olympic-size floating pool in the middle of New York City waterways, while simultaneously filtrating water.

Stringer also hopes to offer free day camps and recreational activities for kids, free sunscreen at pools, parks, playgrounds, and beaches, and free swim classes to NYC children. You can read more about his full “summer in the city” plan here.

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