Why Poor New Yorkers Live Five Years Longer Than Other Poor Americans

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Poor New Yorkers Live Longer

Good news for poor New Yorkers (which, let’s face it, has got to be most people with these ridiculous rents); you’re probably going to live a lot longer than other low-income Americans.

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According to The Journal of the American Medical Association, financially-challenged people in NYC live up to five years longer than poor people in other parts of the country.

Poor men live the longest at 79.5 years old while NYC women are second only to Miami at 84 years old. And it’s only the exceptionally wealthy that break the 85-year-old mark. Gary, Indiana and Las Vegas have the lowest life expectancy for poorer residents.

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But why is this?

The high life-expectancy is thought to be down to the good standard of public services available to the impoverished in New York City thanks to the tax dollars of the wealthy residents. There are fewer smokers in NYC and New Yorkers with less money tend to walk everywhere, making them healthier (if you don’t consider the pollution).

So there you go. NYC rules!


Featured cover image: Brooklyn Magazine

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