Playboy Bunnies Are Making A Comeback At A New Club In NYC

Caitlin Horsfield Caitlin Horsfield

Playboy Bunnies Are Making A Comeback At A New Club In NYC
It’s been nearly three decades since the original Playboy Club closed in Manhattan. This month, they’ll be opening their doors again.

Since its founding, the Playboy franchise has become a global phenomenon. Locations around the world, from London to Shanghai showcase beautiful women strutting around in bunny outfits. This (arguably) very antiquated model is now returning to NYC with a twist.

The club, which is opening this week on September 15, will be located at 510 West 42nd Street and will be converted into Playboy’s flagship location. The idea is to transform Playboy into the epitome of NYC luxury.

While in his later years, founder Hugh Hefner admitted that he felt the Playboy bunny had become a symbol of the past, his 26 year old son and now chief creative officer is attempting to reinvent the brand as a millennial luxury concept space.  The club is set to feature four separate lounges and different membership levels will buy access to different areas including the underground “Rabbit Hole Lounge.”

While in the wake of “Me Too” and the Women’s March, the resurgence of Playboy may seem out of date with times, poorly planned perhaps. But the memberships are there, having racked in more than $2.2 million so far according to the New York Post.

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