You Have Never Played A Video Game Like This Before… And It’s Only In NYC

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You Have Never Played A Video Game Like This Before… And It’s Only In NYC

Video games scores have come a long way since the “beeps” and “boops” of our childhood. Some of those soundtracks, like the Super Mario Bros theme, are iconic and instantly recognizable, …but sadly dated in their sound. That’s where we introduce you to the game, Journeythe FIRST video game to earn a Grammy nomination in 2012, along two British Academy Awards for its soundtrack.

Journey is a beautiful and immersive video game adventure with more awards and recognition than we have time to mention here. It exists in a space between a 3D, 3rd person, platformer and a work of art. It is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful games of all time.

“Journey Live” was the dream Fifth House Ensemble, a dynamic orchestral musical group. Thanks to a kickstarter campaign that was funded in only 2 hours (!) you will be able to experience the first fully interactive live performance of the musical score. In an unprecedented collaboration between live musicians and gamers, the musicians will respond to the actions of game players in real time on stage.

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to see two worlds collide in the most beautiful and creative of ways. Click HERE to see how you can enter the event.

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