Pier 26’s New Waterfront Playground is Seriously Fishy

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

Pier 26’s New Waterfront Playground is Seriously Fishy
The Hudson River Park Trust has teamed up with the design firm OLIN to create a new park on Tribeca’s Pier 26. The spark stretches out over the river, boasting beautiful views of both the One World Trade Center and the Statue of Liberty.

The original design for the area’s playground, which included a nest pod, is now long gone.

Courtesy of OLIN
Courtesy of OLIN

Instead, the park will now feature two large sturgeons: Atlantic sturgeon and shortnose sturgeon. From the get-go, the design team set out to highlight the “Hudson River Estuary, a highly sensitive and ecologically productive body of water that contains a hybrid of freshwater runoff and ocean saltwater.” The new and revised designs were presented to the Manhattan Community Board 1 at the most recent meeting in September.

Playground Rendering
Playground Rendering-Tribeca Citizen

The playground will not only include two slides and several aquatic play nets, but will also give insight into the estuary and sturgeons through educational signs. There will also be a clear “play bubble” at the nose of one sturgeon, and an ADA accessible slide in the other.

Construction of the park will begin in early 2018.

Here are more images of the park renderings from Tribeca Citizen:

Pier-26-playground-rendering23 Pier-26-playground-rendering24 Pier-26-playground-rendering27 Pier-26-playground-rendering28 Pier-26-playground-rendering31 Pier-26-playground-rendering35

Featured image source: Tribeca Citizen