This New Pier In Tribeca Has The Best Waterfront Views & A ‘Tide Deck’ For Marine Wildlife

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This New Pier In Tribeca Has The Best Waterfront Views & A ‘Tide Deck’ For Marine Wildlife

As outdoor spaces become the most desired spots across the city, Pier 26, located at Hudson River Park in Tribeca, is now open to the public as an ecological wonderland.

Under development for a little under a decade, this ecological-themed pier spans across 2.5 acres in the downtown Tribeca area. This oasis, designed by landscape architecture firm OLIN, is dedicated to educating visitors on Manhattan’s ecosystem prior to human expansion. One of the Pier’s most exciting features is located on the western edge called the Tide Deck and shows some of the best waterfront views the city has to offer.

Accessible for guided tours, the Tide Deck includes an elevated walkway over an expansive engineered rocky salt marsh. This marsh is meant to represent wetlands that used to make up Manhattan’s shores. The Tide Deck was introduced to help support the areas native plants and wildlife by flooding with the natural tidal cycle. At low tide, animals like the mallard duck hide out from the strong current of the Hudson, while at high tide, the deck floods as barnacles and oysters snack on River plankton.

This ecological refuge even offers additional recreational spaces such as a sports area, public seating, and an open lawn. Visitors can even experience five ecological zones (rocky tidal zone, woodland forest, maritime scrub, coastal grassland, and the Hudson River) as they walk through the park. Businesses like the City Vineyard and Downtown Boathouse are located on the pier as well as an option for park goers to either dine or rent a kayak.

Oh and they have our favorite park feature: swing seats!

Facebook / Hudson River Park
Facebook / Hudson River Park
Facebook / Hudson River Park

According to the Hudson River Park’s introduction to Pier 26 video, the pier is set on “connecting people to the river.” With all of the piers amazing features, Madelyn Wils, president and CEO of Hudson River Park Trust said it’s “a celebration of the Hudson River coastline. It will really show people the kinds of life that are in the Hudson River and the life that is actually now becoming more enhanced as the River becomes cleaner.”

Not only is this Pier a step in the right direction for educating NYers on their local ecosystems, but a great opportunity to see the beauty of the New York Harbor in all of its natural glory!

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featured image source: Facebook/ Hudson River Park

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