In Case You Forgot: Pickle-Flavored Ice Cream Is Still Very Much A Thing In NYC

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In Case You Forgot: Pickle-Flavored Ice Cream Is Still Very Much A Thing In NYC
Last summer, a fast-casual noodles-meets-pickles restaurant opened on the Upper West Side by the team behind Jacob’s Pickles.

Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. is a mix between pickle-centric dishes and noodles/dumpling dishes. However, when they released their pickle-flavored soft serve last year many were…confused. The adventurous soft serve has remained a staple item at the restaurant and can even be ordered through delivery! You know, in case you’re craving the sweet, sour, and somewhat salty flavors of pickles in bed…but also the refreshing and creamy taste of soft serve…? We’re still having some trouble pinpointing what kind of craving this would fall under.

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That said, if you hate pickles than this is probably your worst nightmare come to life, but for the pickle-lovers out there it’s too interesting not to try. Many adventurous pickle-loving foodies have taken to Instagram to share their experience and photos of the soft serve, and according to their taste buds, it’s surprisingly good! You can get it plain, or even topped in chocolate.

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And it seems like Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. doles out some generous portions, too. Note: Other soft serve options they offer at times include Popcorn-flavored (also an interesting choice) and a more classic Matcha-flavored.

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The uniquely flavored soft serve costs $5, which is quite a steal considering how much they serve you and the cost of “artisanal” ice cream across the city. Aside from their adventurous soft serve, you can also order items like sriracha pickle slaw, dan dan noodles, and even fun shirts!

featured image source: Instagram / @jacobspickles

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