Phrases Only People From Brooklyn Say

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Phrases Only People From Brooklyn Say

No matter where you’re from, there’s always some stereotypical phrases associated with an area. But Brooklyn seems to get the worst of it when it comes to New York. So much so that they are even plastered on the “Welcome to Brooklyn” signs you find at the edges of the borough. But what phrases do people from Brooklyn truly only say?

“You bodied that Halloween costume!” – Yes, “Bodied” is a word and Brooklynites loves to use it in place of the word “slay.” Because they can’t just say the more popular, understandable slang, they are too cool for that.

“It’s brick outside.” – That means it’s not just cold out, it is freezing. Like can’t feel your face, every extremity hurts, everything is frozen solid kind of cold. Definitely brick.

“Hey man, good looks.” – Basically, this means, thank you. It’s a shorter version of the older phrase “good looking out.” It’s one of our favorites and needs to definitely make it way out of Brooklyn to the rest of the world.

“Put me on.” – Explain it to me. So if you have a bad day at work and you tell your buddy in a text message, they might say “put me on,” which means “tell me more about it.”

“I’m so tight.” – Basically, this means “I’m upset.” “Tight” on its own has often been used as “sweet,” or “nice,” but not in this context. It’s definitely more negative.

“Fuhgedaboutit.” – No, no one from Brooklyn really says this anymore, but we had to include it because we still think it’s hysterical. Badabing!

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