Philly Pretzel Factory Takes First Step in NYC Expansion With Two Outposts

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Philly Pretzel Factory Takes First Step in NYC Expansion With Two Outposts
Philly Pretzel Factory is taking their first steps in their New York City expansion plan. 

In December 2017, the company announced plans to open 25 stores in Manhattan. Now, they’re following through with the first two outposts of the bunch, which will be located in Harlem and Tribeca.

One will fill the 470-square-foot space at West 125th Street, and the other will fill the 300-square-foot space at 86 Chambers Street. Although minimal details have been released, the Philly soft pretzel is ready to make waves in NYC. Co-Founder Dan DiZio even said that they “are trying to replace the bagel” in New York’ as the beloved food item of the city, according to a statement made in The Philadelphia Inquirer. He continues to say New Yorkerseat bagels all the time [in Manhattan]. They have pretzels on every street corner, but we have a better widget – a better product. We have to conquer the New York market.” Replacing the bagel would be sacrilegious, but we’re not against adding another food item to New York’s “must” list. 

Those behind the Manhattan expansion, Gotham Food Service told ABC6 last year that:

“There are a few other pretzel options in Manhattan but none of them offer the classic Philly style hot soft pretzel, at affordable prices. Philly Pretzel Factory has a proven playbook, an amazing corporate team, and history of success in a wide variety of market types. Every 10 blocks in Manhattan has a different market dynamic so this experience will be invaluable.”

There’s no word yet on when these two locations will open, but stay tuned for updates! 

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