Pet loving New Yorker lights candle for dead dog, almost kills cat in house fire

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Woman Starts Fire With Dog Candle Nearly Kills Cat NYC

A Brooklyn woman mourning her dog almost burned her house down and killed her cat.

Izabel Lam, of Windsor Terrace, lit a memorial candle for her rottweiler Kavita, who died in February.

Forgetting about the open flame, Lam went to sleep and left the candle burning on the floor causing a house fire.

Lam was lucky enough to escape after a concerned neighbor alerted her to the inferno. But just as she thought everything might be OK, she realised her 24-year-old tabby cat was trapped inside.

NYC firefighters save cat in Brooklyn
[New York Post]
But luckily for the terrified kitty, brave FDNY firefighters rescued her and doused the flames.

“She’s gonna outlive us all,” Lam told the New York Post.

Lam believes the fire was some kind of message from her deceased pooch.

She added: “I think she might be trying to tell me something. What it might be, I don’t know, but I’ll find out, I guess.”


Featured cover image: New York Post

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