Permanent Rainbow Crosswalks are Coming to NYC?

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Permanent Rainbow Crosswalks are Coming to NYC?

An LGBT group launched a petition to have rainbow and trans pride crosswalks permanently installed around the city. Currently, the petition is only 304 away from its 18,000 signature goal.

It’s hard to see any cons in the argument for installing permanent rainbow crosswalks; it honors the LGBT community and let’s face it, they look freaking cool. That doesn’t mean there won’t be pushback against the move… I’m sure we’ll see it in the Facebook comments on this post. Never the less, LGBT activist group, Care2, are petitioning Mayor Bill de Blasio to install permanent rainbow crosswalks across NYC.

It is not the first time NYC has seen rainbows on the streets, during last year’s Pride for example (on 36th Street and 5th Avenue), though it will be the first time they are a permanent fixture. In the petition, Care2 say:

LGBTQ individuals face a number of challenging issues in our society: housing discrimination, medical gatekeeping, and higher rates of bullying, murder and suicide. My husband and I would love to see our daughter grow up in a city that is compassionate enough to signal to marginalized communities that they are supported.

Washington, Atlanta will both soon see rainbows on their street thanks to Care2, even West Hollywood is jumping on the rainbow crosswalk train. It’s hard to see de Blasio turning down the opportunity for more good press and even harder to imagine New Yorkers being behind the curve on something other cities are embracing. Check out the petition HERE.

Featured image source [Flickr | SounderBruce]

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