Penn Station’s Hell-Scape Bathrooms are Getting Makeover

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Penn Station’s Hell-Scape Bathrooms are Getting Makeover

Amtrak CEO, Charles Moorman, announced that one of New York City’s most disgusting public bathrooms, those at Penn Station, are finally getting renovated. Here’s everything you need to know.

On the list of reasons to visit Penn Station’s bathrooms, “relieving yourself” is somewhere near the bottom of the list. It’s definitely behind things like, “contract a venereal disease,” or “to get that ‘kidnapped on vacation’ experience” and “feel better about the way your armpits smell.”

Thankfully, Amtrack is about to turn New York City’s most claustrophobic, hellish water-closets into a thing of beauty …or at least less horror-movie-esque …really Amtrak, we’d take the kind of bathroom you don’t a hazmat suit to use safely.

A New York Times report may finally give us a reason to use the bathrooms on the main Amtrak concourse, instead of, as 90% of us in the know do, use the bathrooms in the NJ Transit mezzanine (just use them and thank us when you don’t get diphtheria) …you know, because they make you feel a little less like you’re gonna get bitten by a plague-rat, oh yeah, and they’re usually less crowded.

Amtrak CEO, Charles Moorman told the New York Times that the grossest bathrooms in the city will be getting a makeover  “by the end of the year.” Granted, Moorman didn’t lay out what the renovations will be exactly, but might we humbly suggest the makeover starting something like this:


Details are slim on the ground right now. We don’t know where Amtrack with start, men’s or women’s bathrooms, but we do know one piece of bad news.  The rail company will obviously close the Penn bathrooms and will replace them with port-a-potties temporarily. Yeah, port-a-potties. If you’ve ever been to a music festival, like us you’re probably hoping they are trucking in a kiddie-pool full of hand sanitizer to take a dip in after use.

The bathroom upgrades are part of a larger plan to replace seating, carpets, and bathrooms on trains on its Northeast and Midwest lines. Thank you, Amtrak. Sincerely. And it’s about damned time.

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