Passengers Risk Being Pushed Onto Tracks After Surge In NY Subway Overcrowding

Joshua Saxon Joshua Saxon

NY subway overcrowding dangerous

Have you noticed that the amount of people on NY subway platforms seems to be pushing you further towards the edge?

Well, you’re not wrong. The New York Times is reporting that subway use has reached its highest figure since 1948 with almost 1.8 billion rides a year, making the platforms a dangerous place.

According to transit police, this surge poses a safety issue with more assaults and passengers falling onto the tracks expected.

Police warn of danger on NY subway
Train operator Brussard Alston told the Times: “When you’re bringing the train into the station and you see the station is packed, you always have that on your mind – the possibility that somebody could be pushed or someone could fall or trip or faint.”

Passengers like Tara Salvemini are in fear for their safety

She said: “People are trying to walk back because they don’t want to get too close to the edge, and they’re pushing you forward. People can be very aggressive.”

Overcrowding has also resulted in delays quadrupling since 2012; there are now over 20,000 recorded each month.


Featured cover image: Bloomberg

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