Would You Park Your Dog In This Ostentatious Crate For Cash?

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These “Dog Parkers” have been cropping up all over Brooklyn recently, but would you use one? What about if you were paid to help trial them?

If you’re a dog owner in the city you have likely found yourself in the situation where you want to head into a bar/shop but couldn’t because your canine friend is with you. You have two options, you leave the little guy/gal tied outside to face all the threats the big city poses alone, or you just go home and make another trip later.

Well, fear no more NYers! These Dog Parkershave been popping up all over Brooklyn… literally, all over! Check out the map below to see where they can be found:

The Dog Parkers are a part of a trial by a Brooklyn-based pet tech startup seeking local dog owners who are interested in earning money for using the service with their dogs. Check out their site HERE.

If you’re interested in participating in the trial with your furry friend you should email bark@dogparker.com with the subject line “Doggy Dollars.”

Featured image source [dogparker]

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