The Most Overrated Spring Activities In New York

Christine Megrejo Christine Megrejo

The Most Overrated Spring Activities In New York

Spring is here and, well, so is everybody else, looking for the ideal things to do in the nice weather. For some reason every year people gravitate to the same boring activities, the ones everyone seems to want to do all the time, but just aren’t that exciting.

  • Rooftop Bars


How come anytime it’s over 60 degrees out, someone wants to find a rooftop bar? They can’t settle on just any bar, it HAS to be on a rooftop. Rooftop bars tend to be overcrowded, overpriced, and not as nice as they seem like they are going to be. Tell your friend to stop being so stingy and to go to any one of the thousands of other bars out there. Just because it’s nice out doesn’t mean you need to drink several stories up.

  • Sunbathing in Central Park/Prospect Park


It used to be quirky to grab your bathing suit, a towel and sunglasses and sunbath in the park. Because the city is so urban and nowhere near a beach, right? Actually, no. A short train ride to Long Island, Queens or New Jersey gets you to some lovely beaches, instead of packing yourself in on the Great Lawn with a thousand other people thinking they are being quirky and cool too.

  • Smorgasburg:


Yeah, I said it. Look, there’s a ton of other neat food festivals, street fairs, and art collectives that happen around the city. Smorgasburg is not the end all, be all. Check out some upcoming food festivals and art fairs and you might be surprised.

  • Brooklyn Bridge


Two words. Just don’t.

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