Over 50 Restaurants Will Offer Free Food & Drink During Crave Fest In NYC!

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Over 50 Restaurants Will Offer Free Food & Drink During Crave Fest In NYC!

Crave is on a mission to get you to try local restaurantsand they’re doing it with 10 days of tasty giveaways through Crave Fest!

Free food? Who can say no to that? Crave Fest will be taking over the Manhattan food scene over the next two weeks with a variety of free food and beverages to try. 

The idea behind Crave Fest (which will run Monday through Friday, January 27 through  February 7) is to introduce working professionals in Manhattan to the sweet deals they don’t know they’re missing by not using the Crave app. And what better way to do it than by offering a free taste of the good life? 

During Crave Fest, app users will be able to explore over 50 restaurants, with over 500 free food and beverage giveaways happening daily. That’s right, 500 free opportunities each day of this food fest.

Take that lunch break you deserve and treat yourself to a new restaurant near your office! Over the next two weeks you’ll be able to enjoy all sorts of meals for free including items like burgers, burritos, acai  bowls, smoothies, and so much more from a number of restaurants such as The Shakespeare, Tara Rose, Chirp, Ono Bowls, Yaso Noodle Bar, Headless Widow, Juice Therapy, Mexican Festival, and Som Bo among many others. 

So how do you redeem these epic lunch giveaways? It’s pretty simplejust download the Crave app here and then check to see what deals are being offered for Crave Fest on any work day through Friday, February 7.

So start saving some money and don’t miss out on all the great deals that are right under your nose! Download the Crave app now and be sure to check their site here for more info and a list of participating restaurants. 


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